Welcome to Netragard’s Exploit Acquisition Program. We are only interested in working with ethical and verifiable exploit developers and researchers. You must be willing to engage in a contractual agreement with Netragard in order to take advantage of this program. If you are interested in participating in the program then please read on.

What is the Exploit Acquisition Program?

The Exploit Acquisition Program is wholly owned and operated by Netragard, Inc.  The Exploit Acquisition Program enables Netragard to collect exclusive intelligence about 0-day vulnerabilities, to identify new methods of exploitation, and to find new and otherwise rare talent.  The product of the program is used to augment Netragard’s advanced service offerings and to satisfy specific and unique client requirements.

Why Join the Exploit Acquisition Program?

Simple, if you are an exploit developer and you want top dollar for your hard work, we pay top dollar.  Our bidding starts at $10,000.00 per exploit and goes up from there.  Moreover, when we buy an exploit you know you are selling it to a legitimate buyer (as opposed to the black market).  You can rest assured that the exploit will only be used for ethical research purposes.

What are the requirements?

The requirements are simple.  You must be an ethical security researcher willing to engage in a legally binding contract with Netragard.  You must guarantee to Netragard that each and every exploit you present is truly 0-day and has never been submitted to other buyer programs.  You must provide Netragard with a scanned copy of two forms of identification, usually a passport and a drivers license or state identification.  Finally, you must provide Netragard with your home address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, and banking information for wire transfers.  Researchers that wish to remain anonymous need not apply.

How to register?

Registration is simple, email eap@netragard.com to begin the registration process.

Already a member?

If you are already an EAP member, we’d appreciate it if you’d comment below.  What are your thoughts about the program? Have our prices been fair?  How do we compare to other exploit buyers?  etc.  We will approve comments as they roll in. (Comments can be anonymous if desired).

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