So I’ve been participating in the penetration testing mailing list that is hosted by securityfocus and I can’t say that I am impressed. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that I am concerned about the caliber of the people that are offering paid services, here’s why.

When a customer hires a security professional to perform a Penetration Test, Web Application Security Assessment, or any other service that customer should be getting a real expert. That expert should be able to assess the customers target infrastructure, application, or whatever and should be able to determine points of vulnerability and their respective risks. But that is not what I am seeing.

The other day a self proclaimed “expert” asked how dangerous a SQL Injection vulnerability was. They apparently identified a SQL Injection vulnerability in their customer’s website but didn’t know what to do with it!!! They also asked about how to exploit the vulnerability and what successful exploitation might do.

Well the first thing that came to mind was “Why the hell are you offering services if you don’t know what you are doing?”. I actually asked that but I didn’t get any response back from the original author. When someone hires a security professional to deliver security services they expect those professionals to be subject matter experts. The unfortunate thing is that in most cases the customer has no way of verifying the professional’s expertise and the customer gets taken for a ride. (Take a look at our white papers!!!)

Another example is in a recent vulnerability that one of my team members found. He was researching a product’s webservice and found that it was just chalk full of holes. When he contacted the vendor, they responded with “but we just had a very extensive security assessment done against our product”. We certainly couldn’t tell… looks like they got taken for a ride like so many others.

Why is this a problem, why do I care? Its a problem because the providers who offer these low quality services advertise the same way as the high quality providers. The difference is that their service doesn’t do anything to protect the customer, and ours does. We’re not the only good security company out there, but we are one of very, very few.

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