Die Hard 3 – Our Infrastructural Systems

Society has one very critical technological underpinning that goes un-noticed by most people, but not hackers. If you’ve ever seen the most recent die hard movie then you’ll have an idea of what I am talking about. That is, the world’s critical infrastructures are vulnerable to attack by hackers (scary but true). These infrastructures include but are not limited to Water, Power, Communications, Transportation, Chemical Plants, etc.

Critical Infrastructure existed well before the advent of the Internet. The systems that were deployed to support the infrastructure were designed for stability, reliability and redundancy. These are computer systems that are used to control massive pumps, generators, cooling pools, the flow of gas, and other critical devices. A failure in one of those computer systems can translate to a failure in one of those critical devices.

When Infrastructure’s IT Infrastructure was first built, remote measurement devices would report data back home via dedicated network connections. In some cases people would physically go to remote locations and take readings and report those readings back to the headquarters. Recently however, Infrastructural businesses realized the cost benefit of using the […]