Not All Penetration Testing Companies Are Created Equal

Don’t fall for thinly disguised vulnerability scanner based services & automated software scans

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Warning! Not All Penetration Testing Solutions Are Equal

Why Netragard?

Our Services:

A single successful penetration by a malicious hacker can result in the compromise of an organization’s Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (“CIA”). Netragard’s research driven Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment services help to prevent such a compromise by testing at realistic levels of threat.

Penetration Testing

Our research driven Network Penetration Testing services are specifically designed to test entire IT Infrastructures or just individual systems. These services are ideal for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI/DSS, and other similar requirements

Vulnerability Assessments

Our Vulnerability Assessment services are ideal for performing periodic checkups against entire IT infrastructures between Penetration Tests. These services useful for helping to satisfy HIPAA/HITECH, PCI/DSS, and other similar requirements.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our Web Application Penetration Testing services are specifically designed for testing single Web Applications, or entire application farms. These services are ideal for HIPAA/HITECH, and PCI DSS requirements 6.6 and 11.3.2.

Research & Development

Our Research & Development services are ideal for any vendor looking to have their technology evaluated from a security perspective. These services can evaluate all variants of technology including but not limited to computer software, computer hardware, cellular telephones, control systems, automotive technology, etc.

What People Are Saying…

Cibola General Hospital

Two years ago we did an external penetration study only. Last year, we did an internal and external as well. We are going to be making significant internal changes over this fiscal year, so there is no real benefit in doing the internal again this year. We will finish all of our initiatives and then next fiscal year do an internal as well as an external.

We use Netragard to act as our White Hats. They are very good and cost effective. Before you select a vendor, do yourself a favor and talk with them. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and at an agreed price. All work was performed remotely and all deliverables were electronic, including an executive summary and detailed analysis for my Engineering staff. They even went so far as to help us determine best practices, so as to mitigate our exposure. I couldn’t be happier with them.

I did send out an RFP and yes, I got pricing from $500.00 up to $12,000.00. Without question, we made the right decision in going with these folks. Netragard, LLC - We protect you from people like us.

For an external penetration scan, we paid about $5K. We have a very small external footprint, so $5K was reasonable.

Depending on what your budget will tolerate, they are pretty good about working with you. I personally recommend them and no, I am not getting a kick back. Perhaps I should consider it though

Rick Smith

Director of Information Technology

Cibola General Hospital

Testimonial #1

One of the reasons I decided to go with Netragard for my penetration testing needs is because it was the only vendor I could find that performed manual testing in the same vein as actual hackers out on the internet as opposed to automated scanning tools. Most vendors I found offered automated services only while my pen testing requirements demanded manual testing. So by simple disqualification, Netragard got my business! However, the main reason to select Netragard turned out to be their quality customer service and their track record in the industry. As long as I require penetration testing, I will be a client of Netragard. - Matt Rosier

Testimonial #2

We received proposals from a half-dozen potential Vendors and Netrgard’s proposal was by far the most comprehensive.
They also seemed ahead of their competitors in essentially all technical security matters. We, therefore, selected them to perform a Blind External Penetration Test along with both remote and on-site social engineering. A thorough review of our physical security was also included.
We were very pleased with the results of their review. In tandem with our own IT Security Group, they we able to clearly identify where our IT security was strong and where it needed to be improved.
They provided us with practical recommendations to improve not only our technical IT security, but also advised us of needed enhancements to our physical security, while also advising us on how to limit our susceptibility to social engineering tactics. We were very impressed with the Netragard Team and would consider them for future engagements.
-Frank Berry